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About Us

MentalForte is an initiative aimed at providing mental health education and enlightenment, delivered by qualified and certified professionals in forms that will be impactful to all and sundry: literate or illiterate, elites or the masses, across Africa where mental health and mental illness knowledge is abysmally low and beclouded by myths, superstitions, mystery and stigma.

The productivity and prosperity of any nation primarily depend on the mental quality of its people, we thus aim to demystify, provide proven directions, and help defeat the scourge of mental illnesses in our society.

Our Goals

  • To provide accurate, science based, research validated, professional and, up to date information about mental health and illnesses across all age groups i.e. adults, children, adolescents
  • To debunk myths, incorrect beliefs and stereotypic ideas about mental health and related issues
  • To educate people on how to promote their mental well being
  • To educate people on how to nurture a child’s mental health to produce resilient and productive adults
  • To provide adequate information about how to identify promptly the symptoms of mental illness
  • To provide information on what to do in the event of a mental health challenge in anybody – children, adolescents and adults
  • To give information on types of interventions, treatments and help available, where to get them and who are professionally qualified to offer these
  • To provide forums to ask questions, share your stories to encourage others and also learn from other’s journey
  • Answer all possible questions on your mind concerning mental health and illness.
  • Illuminate brightly on mental health and all forms of mental illnesses in children, adolescents and adults so that you, and your loved one who may have any mental health issues:

    1. will be adequately and promptly treated

    2. will be able to achieve his/her maximum potentials

    3. will not be exploited by quacks or live a poor quality life crippled by suboptimal mental functioning.

Our Services

Mental Health Awareness & Education
Our passion is creating awareness and enlightening the public on mental health, its importance, how to promote good mental health, how to manage the challenges, and more.

Contact us for your requests for mental health education, trainings, events, awareness and sensitization.

Mental Health Promotion
We are open to support and offer promotion services on mental health issues and education via our multiple media platforms.

Write us today info@mentalforte.com

Get Involved

Send Us a Request
If you have any area of mental health or illness that you want us to review, clarify or that you wish we discuss in details via video, audio or other publication media in any of the major local languages or English, please click here to send us your request via our contact form.
Support Groups

Our Forum page provides you the opportunity to join our growing “Support Groups” of people going through similar challenges or have similar interest.

Here, you can interact and learn from others experience, and get direct guidance from experts who moderate the groups.

Register here and check out the forum page.